Our Organisation

Get to know our backstory & why we initiated Minda

Our logo

The word minda is the Malay word for mind – the focus of our initiative: the health of the mind

Blue and green hues represent peace & tranquility

The alpha α represents the alpha brainwave which occur when we are relaxed: a kind of peace we all hope to enjoy

“When we find our lives spiraling down, remember that springs are spirals too. 

And like a spring, we will bounce back up again.”

Our mottos

Minda promotes Empowering People’s Voices:


Empowering young people to advocate for mental health awareness

Providing a safe platform for young people to disseminate information and engage in discussion

Supporting their voice to break barriers & stereotypes, and reduce stigma & discrimination

With our mottos, from the youth to the youth and empowering people’s voices, MINDA has been working significantly in advocating for mental health awareness

Our mission

Our mission is to make mental health in Malaysia better by:

fighting stigma

raising awareness

educating the public

amplifying unheard voices, and

creating platforms for discussions

Our values


We are committed in ensuring the information that we disseminate has a strong backing in research


We believe in the importance of involving people of all backgrounds, especially minority and marginalised communities such as the disabled community, racial & religious minorities, and those of all sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression


We aim to provide a safe space for people to talk about mental health related issues without fear of judgement or discrimination from participants within the space


We aim to be true to our motto of empowering the voice of the people, especially young people, people with lived experience of mental illness, and marginalised & minority groups


We practice compassion in our engagement with the community and in all of our endeavours


Our goal is to make our content accessible by translating academic jargon on mental health into easily understandable information. We also aim to be mindful of creating content accessible to those within the disabled community.

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