The Minda Team

Get to know the dedicated people behind Minda

The Founders

Mimie Rahman

Managing Director

“As both Survivor and Mental Health Advocate, I understand the unbearable, ‘invisible’ pain. No one should feel they’re alone. I have been working around the clock to amplify our unheard voices in Malaysia while assisting young people to receive support and professional help. 

I am often found in narrating stories for the souls –  incorporating mental health aspect with socioeconomic, environmental and human rights perspective. Let’s create a better environment for mental health!

Zulaikha Mohamad 

Head of Creative Communications

“I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in global mental health at King’s College London to gain the skills & experience I need in order to help the condition of mental health in Malaysia. As a young person who’s been battling with depression & anxiety for several years, I started MINDAKAMI to educate Malaysian youth & instill hope in those who struggle with their mental health” 

Fiqa Abdul Fata

Head of Programmes & Projects

“I am currently pursuing my postgraduate study in Clinical Psychology field. Having supportive social circle and support system have contributed a lot to the growth of my mental well-being and for these reasons I hope nobody has to struggle alone. Mental health issues seem to affect youth more frequently in this current era so I think it’s important that the youth have a platform where they feel connected, heard and represented. We hope MINDAKAMI can become that platform for them.”

Elya Tahir Rawther

Creative Designer

“I am a vocal universal human rights, civil rights advocate. I am an advertising and graphic design graduate from The One Academy Penang currently still searching opportunities to further study in higher education in Psychology/Humanities field. Active in human rights and mental health activism in the past with different local and international bodies. Suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Believes mental health literacy is important, mental health care should be accessible to all spectrum of humanity, no discrimination.”

Committee Members & Volunteers

Filza Izzyan Azmi

“I’ve always known one of my passion in life is to advocate for mental health. Be it doing a master in counselling in University Putra Malaysia or be a part of an amazing team that is Mindakami. Mental health is so important but sadly it is an issue that has always been not looked upon. I am grateful for Mindakami and I hope there is a better future for mental health in Malaysia.”

Filza is a registered counsellor and currently a support officer & facilitator in MINDAKAMI

Izni Elna Ismail

“I am currently braving my final year of degree in Communication and Media Studies with a major in Public Relations. With an interest in arts and creative industries, I’m also active in advocating for education inequality and mental health activism. I am passionate in creating awareness for mental health and providing safe space for people to talk about it until it no longer be a taboo topic in Malaysia.”

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