Buddy Box Project

This project (also known as #MINDABBP) is a nationwide anonymous self-care box exchange between Buddies

MINDA BuddyBox Project (or known as #MINDABBP) is a yearly exchange gift project where Buddies (participants) will receive an anonymous self-care box. This project aims to amplify the awareness on mental health by having a Buddy receiving and sending a self-care box that contains comforting items such as candles, stockings, mask, books, games, and anything that can help to relieve stress and uplift one’s mental health. A self-care box can be considered as a first-aid kit for mental health – nothing is more comforting than having a self-care box for your bad and gloomy days. Buddies are also encouraged to include a creative and personal letter that highlights the importance of mental health.

In the first #MINDABPP, we opened the registration for anyone who resides in Malaysia, regardless their mental health status. We received tremendous support from the community. There were a total of 200 Buddies who registered for #MINDABBP. The gift-exchange project encouraged participants to spark joy and hope to someone else’s life, while also advocating for better mental health for all.

To see how our audience responded to this project, check out the tweets below!

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