Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Looking for some important answers about our services? This page is for you.

Mental Health Services

Our services are provided by licensed, professional and/or in-training mental health therapists. We use the term therapist as an umbrella term for all our therapists.

Trainee therapist is an in-training counsellor or clinical psychologist who is in the process of completing their education to become a licensed therapist through ongoing training and supervision.

Associate therapist has completed the relevant education and training, has applied but yet to obtain a license. Associate therapist works under the supervision of a licensed therapist.

Licensed therapists are therapist who has obtain license from Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia or Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology.

The term may vary based on different mental health organisation, clinic, or centre.

Counsellor provides therapy, treatment, and support to individuals with mental health conditions or who are dealing with personal challenges and life changes. Counsellor uses an evidence-based, holistic and integrative approach to help their clients.

Clinical psychologist provides therapy, diagnosis, and treatment for mental illnesses. Clinical psychologist uses an evidence-based and clinical-based approach to help their clients.

Therapy can be difficult without a therapeutic relationship. There are three steps how to do this;
Provide a chance to your current therapist.

  1. Arrange a session to discuss why you’re not comfortable with them. They may provide the best solution that caters for your needs. If you still want to proceed with another therapist, follow step 2.
  2. Talk to your therapist or contact us if you want to transfer your case to the new therapist. A consent form will be given.
  3. Book the new therapist via our booking system.

An online session means you can attend the session virtually via video conference service like Google Meet. We will provide you with the link and reminder once booked. An in-person session means you can attend the session in our therapy room. We will provide you with the address and reminder once booked.

Yes. We have the same fee for online and in-person session. Talk to your therapist about it. This also applies to clients who attended in-person sessions and want to try online sessions too!

Fees & Packages

Yes. All sessions need to be booked and pay via our booking system. 

Our services depends on the type of therapy and packages. Please refer to this link for more info.

Our fees are based on the recommended fee structure from Malaysia’s respective mental health bodies. Normally, our fee includes processing fee, trainee therapist (yes, they are paid!) or therapist earnings, and administrative fee. Since MINDAKAMI is a mental health initiative, we welcome all sorts of donations or remuneration. Please refer to this link to support our work. 

Our packages is suitable for those who would like to commit their sessions with a preferred therapist. It is non-transferable, non-shareable and can be renewed at anytime. Here are the details for the packages:

  1. Individual Therapy & Couples Therapy: This package includes four (4) sessions, valid for two months. It can be renewed at any time. 
  2. Group Therapy: You are required to attend all the sessions. If you cannot attend one (or more) of the sessions, your fee will be forfeited.
  3. Psychological Assessment: This package is a 4-in-1 package that includes a Clinical Interview, Assessment Session, Review Session, and a free basic report. An extra fee may be required for additional assessment session, psychological tool, and a full report, if necessary. It is valid for two months.

Click on “Book a session” button or login to “Client Account” > Select your preferred therapy services > Select “Packages” > continue with the information and payment details.

A special code to book your next sessions will be sent to your email within 48 hours. You need to claim the sessions within two (2) months. Any unclaimed sessions before the expiration date will be forfeited.

Rescheduling & Cancellation

Yes. It is applicable for individual therapy, couples therapy, psychological assessment and career assessment only.

Reschedule: Each client is entitled to reschedule up to one (1) session from the initial booking session. Inform us 24 hours before the session via Telegram or WhatsApp to reschedule. You will receive a follow-up email or notification once rescheduled. 

Cancellation: It is unfortunate that you cannot attend your therapy. Please inform us 24 hours before the session for cancellation. MINDAKAMI has a 5% processing fee due to our advanced booking system. We will refund 95% of your payment within 72 hours.

Your fee will be fully forfeited if you reschedule or cancel the appointment less than 24 hours before the session. No-shows will also forfeit the session.

No. Group therapy involves others; you need to attend the scheduled session unless the therapist need to reschedule the entire session. No-shows will forfeit your fee.