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Find out how to can help with our cause to spread awareness & educate the public on mental health

Fundraising for our cause

If you are a student in school or university…

You can create a campaign or hold an event (e.g. a bake sale or festival) which proceeds go to our cause. We are happy to promote your event & collaborate with you, just send us a message!

If you are a business owner or creative…

You can sell products which proceeds go towards our cause. We will promote your business or creations on our social media & list you on our website for the duration of the fundraising.

Become a Volunteer

If you are based in the Klang Valley, you can help us carry out a Tea & Talk session by gathering information on topics for the session & helping the moderator keep track of time and the discussions being held. You must be able to attend the Tea & Talk session you volunteer for. To get involved, send us an email.

We are recruiting volunteers to do research on mental health issues that will cater to the Malaysian public. Your research will be used in our infographics, social media feeds (Facebook & Twitter), zines, support group modules, and various other projects.

People from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. However, there are certain criteria that can boost your chances of being recruited into our research team, such as:

  • A background or a deep interest in mental health, psychology, counselling, neuroscience, public health, health sciences, social sciences or other science subjects.

  • Good written English and/or Malay. Other languages are a plus, of course, but our content is mainly in English & Malay.

  • Experience in dealing with mental illness – either you or someone close to you is diagnosed (this information will be kept confidential).

Applications are open all-year round. To apply, fill in the Research Volunteer Application Form.

We are always looking for graphic designers and illustrators to help with our visual materials – these usually go viral on social media and make a very big impact in spreading awareness and information.

As a designer, you will help visualise our content which can include infographics, event posters, zine covers & layouts, logos, and etcetera. We will always credit your work. You can practise your skills and build your portfolio with us. We welcome designers of various skill levels (psst… our co-founder Zulaikha uses, so we don’t bite).

To become one of our designers, fill in and upload your creative work on our Designing Volunteer Application Form.

Open all-year round.

Join the MINDAKAMI team

As a fast-growing organisation that is getting increasingly involved in mental health advocacy in Malaysia, we are in need of skilled, talented & passionate individuals to help us in executing our uniquely-designed projects. We are especially looking for students and/or graduates of psychology, counselling, medicine, psychiatry, public health & other health sciences, social work, social sciences, graphic design, media & communications, public relations, advertising, marketing, languages or linguistics, journalism, animation, film-making & film studies

We put high importance on research & evidence-based facts: We believe it is important to always be sure that the information we utilise & provide have a good backing in research as people trust us with what we put out.

We are one of very few youth-initiated mental health advocacy groups in the country: We make a great first platform for young people to get involved. Advocacy and awareness may seem like they don’t make a great impact to society, but this is how we increase mental health literacy & demand for better mental health care in the country.

We get to meet & collaborate with NGOs, scholars and professionals: We love coming up with creative & strategic projects and collaborating with other parties. You will have the opportunity to network with NGOs, scholars & professionals, attend fun events, and gain valuable exposure in the field of community development & well-being.

We comprise of, listen to and empower neurodivergent voices: We try as much as possible to push voices of the people who are undergoing problems with their mental health as three of our four founders have a diagnosable mental illness. We recognise that such struggles and experiences are individualistic, thus need to be treated like so. We empower the neurodivergent community to seek help, share their experiences & be proud of who they are.

We try to support others in their recovery: Our Facebook & Twitter inboxes are always open for people who would like support & information. You will have the opportunity to try and practice communicating with care & be part of someone’s support system. Sometimes it only takes knowing that you’re not alone for you to get through the day

We are both committed & flexible: We encourage all our team members to be transparent about their commitment with Minda & the amount of time and effort they can contribute to the organisation. We are also flexible in that we understand that you will have other commitments and priorities that require your attention. Just let us know and we will try to work things out. Communication is key here.

It is fun & rewarding! You will be working alongside members from different backgrounds, but with the same passion: to make mental health in Malaysia better. Being an active member can be very rewarding in terms of the experiences you will gain & contributions you can make. Join our team & grow alongside us.

Write to us (not more than 300 words) at about:

    • yourself,
    • what you do,
    • and why you’d like to join us

Send us your CV, too. 

If you make it pass this round, we will send you an email to set up a meeting with you in the Klang Valley or on Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout.

Note: As we are a self-funded initiative, this will be a voluntary position.

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