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a man looking at wall that is covered with scribbles.
Attending Therapy: A Step-by-Step Guide
Attending therapy can feel intimidating, but it can also be an incredibly helpful and rewarding experience....
Drawing One Head Many Voices
That Little Voice in my head. Bringing me down every time I try to rise above. Doubting my decisions...
MINDA-Menulis-Kenangan Di Kenanga
Kenangan di Kenanga
Nota dari MiRAE JiAE: I am ‘gifted’ with bipolar disorder type 1. This poem was written when I was...
MINDA-Menulis-Juang Dalam Derita
Juang Dalam Derita
Gila!!!… satu kata keliru Datang bagaikan peluru Bisa membunuh seluruh harapanku Membuat tubuhku tersungkur...
Ramadan Di Wad Psikiatari
Ramadan at The Psych Ward
A few years ago, I got self-admitted into a psych ward. It was not a fun experience, far from the help...
Ramadan Di Wad Psikiatari
Ramadan di Wad Psikiatri
Beberapa tahun lalu, aku masukkan diri sendiri ke wad psikiatri. Pengalamannya tak begitu seronok, malah...
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